The Short Version of My Testimony

I’ve always grown up in a God-fearing home. I had a wonderful childhood and I always knew that my family loved me deeply. I was always a good kid who never really got into a lot of trouble, but that wasn’t because of God. The reality is I didn’t really care about God or what He said; I simply cared about my appearance and not disappointing my parents. Throughout elementary school, I was a good kid, but my sinful matured started to become more blatant as I entered middle school. I was a good person at church and my Christian school, but when I came home I didn’t care about the act anymore. I was consistently disobedient and judgmental throughout middle school and into high school.

Thankfully though things started to change the summer after my freshman year of high school; I specifically remember high school ski trip that March. Mike Little was preaching on the topic of devotions and why they were a necessary part of a true Christians walk with the Lord. I remember thinking to myself, maybe I should try this out and see if it makes sense. I don’t remember a specific moment that I was saved, but there was a gradual change in my thoughts and in my actions. I started reading the Bible frequently and it came alive. After that ski trip, my view of God and His word did a complete 180.

Throughout the rest of my high school years and into marriage I have seen the growth that can only be attributed to His work. In some of the darkest times, He has been my rock. Looking back on the trials in my life I can see Him working through them to mold me and shape me into the servant that He desires me to become. I thank the Lord every day for His mercies and blessings in my life.

Redeemed By the King

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