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Vacation Bible School Thoughts

My church recently finished up their summer VBS program just this past week. VBS is probably one of the most tiring ministries, but also maybe one of the most profitable.

This year’s theme for VBS was “The Greatest Show on Heaven and Earth.” It was about creation and God’s attributes. This year I helped with the 3rd-grade classroom, which I think is one of my favorite ages. They’re smart enough to understand the lessons, yet still excited to sing worship songs and do actions along with them. We did have one girl try to kiss a boy though, that was fun. 😉

But all in all, they were a great class who listened intently to the Bible lessons. Going along with the theme, the lessons were about creation, but also God’s sovereignty. Throughout every lesson, you could see God’s beautiful hand at work to make our Earth a beautiful home for us. You can see His work in the sun and in the moon, both exactly in the right place to do their jobs. If you move the sun too far away we freeze to death but move it too close and we couldn’t survive. Move the moon too far away and we wouldn’t have tides and the ocean would be a stagnant pool of water. I guess I had never truly realized the love and care that God put into making our homes. As the lessons went on we talked about day 6 when Adam and Eve were created. We talked about their perfect union with God, but also their eventual sin and separation from Him. As we talked about sin and the need for a savior I could see them understanding the reality of their lives and need for a savior.

I don’t know if any of them were saved during that week, but I do know that they heard the gospel multiple times. I hope that someday they do come to a life-changing knowledge of their sin and need for a savior. All we can do is hope that God will work in their lives. That’s the great thing though about VBS. How often do we have the opportunity to share the gospel with kids who usually wouldn’t hear it?

Even though it is tiring for the workers, we have an amazing opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted even if we are tired. VBS is a gift from God and He calls us to use it. I don’t always have this opinion on VBS, but maybe I should. I’ve been thinking a lot about my perspective on life recently and my daily activities. How often are they lined up with God’s perspective?

Unfortunately,  I have to say not often enough.

Redeemed By the King

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