Lakeside Thoughts

Sitting by this lake I am in awe of the majesty and wonder of our God. His beauty and gentle care are so evident through the sunset and all nature around me. Thinking about all my worries and stresses; they all seem incredibly trivial. I relish these moments when I am able to fully and actively meditate on who God is. It is so good for your soul, you know? It realigns your thinking back to a proper perspective of who our Creator is. That’s why Biblical meditation is essential.

David Mathis says in his book, “Habits of Grace,”

“It doesn’t entail emptying our minds, but rather filling them with biblical and theological substance–truth outside of ourselves–and then chewing on that content, until we begin to feel some of its magnitude in our hearts.”

It keeps our thoughts in line with what God says is true. Looking at this lakeside sunset I am reminded of my finiteness. We forget that the Bible says that we are a mere ‘vapor.’

I think about the urgency in our lives. We are given such little time on this Earth. How are we supposed to spend it? We must, as Christians, think long and hard about this question. As we realize the gravity of our situation it gets easier to weed out the worldly things that ensnare us. We are able, through God’s power alone, to decipher what is useful and what is useless. And for me, this is a very sobering thought. How often do we see verses telling us that “the things of the world will pass away”?

Please look through your life. Examine yourself. Are you spending your time on things that do not glorify God? That might mean cutting out things that you really love and that’s hard. It’s a constant process of examining how you live.

Redeemed By the King

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