The Purpose of Testimonies

I know for me whenever I hear a person’s testimony I am always encouraged by God’s work in their lives. So I hope to pass on the same encouragement that I get from reading these testimonies.

All of these testimonies will be anonymous just so that these women can freely share how God has shaped their lives. This gives them the freedom to share details that would usually be left out, but these details are often the most important. I’m always so grateful for these testimonies because they show God’s power turning our hearts away from these sinful practices that at one point controlled our lives. So as you read these testimonies take notice of the stark contrast. See how the true gospel message has turned their lives around.

I am so thankful for this platform to share how God can work in your life. As you read these testimonies please think back to your own life and ask yourself, “do I have a testimony?” “Do I know how or when I was saved?” “Can I see a difference in my life?”

Thank you again for reading these and I pray that you find them both encouraging and convicting.

Redeemed by the King

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