Book of the Month

Book of the Month: “Women Living Well” Part 1

As I read this book I am incredibly encouraged and convicted. Courtney Joseph is an excellent writer who has encouraged me through the stories of her life.

A couple ladies and I have been going through this book and it has sparked some amazing discussion so far. Her easy-to-read writing style has really helped us as a group to connect with her. We are about 50% of the way through this book and I would definitely recommend it!

The book is split up into four different parts: 1. Your Walk with the King 2. Your Marriage 3. Your Parenting 4. Your Homemaking. Our group has gone through the first part and we are just starting to read the second section.

1.Your Walk with the King

Without this first point, the rest of the book would not be possible. We must first and foremost have a right relationship with our savior Jesus Christ. We must believe and obey the scriptures and let it impact and shape our lives. If we do not do this we are helpless against Satan and the world’s negative influence on our lives. Her main focus in this section is taking time to slow down and meditate over God’s word. “Sweet reader, when we do not slow down and rest, we miss God’s voice.” When we are overwhelmed with busyness we often push God to the side, when in fact He should be our biggest priority. I know I am so often guilty of that, I think I’m so busy and that I don’t have time for God. How silly is that? This Martin Luther quote speaks of this…

“If I fail to spend two hours in prayer each morning, the devil gets the victory through the day. I have so much busyness I cannot get on without spending three hours daily in prayer…”

Wow, just, wow. That is almost never my thought process. Quite the opposite if I’m honest. So with this in mind, we must consciously plan out our days and make time for the thing that matters most. Spending time in the word and with your loving heavenly father. I must remember my need for Him. So with this solid foundation, she moves us into the next section.

2. Your Marriage

Now for those of you who aren’t married, please don’t stop reading quite yet. All of these truths that are applied to marriage also apply to your daily life. Attitudes of humility, self-control, and self-sacrificing love should always be cultivated no matter what season of life you are in. I know many women who have gotten married later in life, but because they cultivated all these attributes earlier in life they have had an easier relationship with their husband. Many of us who have gotten married early have had to learn the hard way about some of our ‘less desirable’ attributes.

“Don’t give your husband your leftovers; give him the best of you”

It is our job to love our husbands and give him the best of us. This might mean eating healthy and working out so that you have the energy for when he gets home after work. I know that I personally have had to do this quite frequently. I am so much of a morning person so my bedtime is usually 9:30, but that gives us so little time together in the evenings. So I’ve made my energy a priority. My husband would rather have me take a nap if possible and then be awake and happy when he gets home. Rather than have the house be spotless, but then I’m drained by the time he gets home.

For many of you, this will be completely different and that’s totally OK! Everyone is in a different season in life, but we must be making sure that we are making our husband our priority. One way we can make him a priority is to restrain from criticism. Criticism can come so easily. It’s usually the first thing on my mind. How terrible is that! We must remember, we are a sinner and we married sinners. We cannot let our emotions or hormones dictate our actions. We must stay steady on the Bible and let His truth shape our actions. Often we are critical because of some expectation that we put on our husband, usually without his knowledge. We simply assume he’s going to read our minds and figure out what we want. We MUST let go of our expectations. They will only disappoint us and hurt our marriage. “Let go of your expectations, remain steadfastly faithful to your marriage vows, and remember that you married a sinner who needs grace.” We must be in constant prayer for our marriage. Matthew 26:41 “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

I encourage you all to read this book and examine yourselves. “It’s a lifelong journey of guarding your mind and your marriage.” This post today only covers the first two sections, but there will be another post on the last two sections of this book. Thank you so much for reading this post today. Keep a lookout for part two coming soon!

Redeemed By the King

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