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Hello everyone! So incredibly sorry for no posts on the past couple of Mondays, but for those who know me personally you know the craziness of the past two weeks. For those of you who don’t know the story yet stick around! It’s quite thrilling…

The story begins on October 29th. We left church early to watch my mom run a half marathon, I think her eighth marathon actually. She did well but complained of wheeziness and tiredness, which doesn’t sound all that strange considering she did run a half marathon just minutes before.

The rest of that day went smoothly until Monday at around 9 am. I got a call from my mom’s secretary, that my mom was in the emergency room for some heart problems, we didn’t know at that time that she had had a heart attack. She was fine earlier that morning though, she had gotten up early to do her devotions and go to the dentist as well. After the dentist, she got up to her office and that’s when things started to go south. She wasn’t really herself, she was quiet and had a piercing headache. And thankfully her secretary stepped in. Afterward, I talked to my mom about this and she was describing how her pain had moved from her jaw into her shoulder and eventually into her chest.

Her secretary knew something was very wrong, so she called one of the critical care nurses and they got my mom into the emergency room. They hooked her up to the monitors and watched her very closely. I got there about 30 minutes after this all happened. She seemed to be ok but had a lot of pain. After examining her they decided to take her to do a heart catheter, which is just a diagnostic procedure. They didn’t see anything wrong with my mom’s heart so they decided to keep her overnight for observation. During this time her heart rate had been abnormally low in the 30’s to 40’s.

The next couple of days went by without any major happenings, her heart rate was still slow, but the doctors weren’t concerned about it. So fast forward to the following Friday… My mom had gone back to work, but still wasn’t feeling well. She decided to do a half-day that day and started to leave the hospital when she bumped into one of her cardiac rehab friends. He saw that she wasn’t looking very good so they decided to hook her up to a heart monitor and what they saw was very concerning. Her heart rate was incredibly low for the circumstances, so he had her readmitted to critical care right away. They continued to monitor her into the night, and that’s when things got really scary. As she was trying to sleep her heart rate slipped so low that the nurses had to step in and give her dopamine. She later told me that this is how people die in their sleep. If she wasn’t in the hospital that night she would have passed out and her heart would have stopped beating.

At the time I didn’t know that any of this was happening. That night I was hosting a dinner party for 15 of my friends. It’s crazy to me seeing God’s providence at work in her life. I thank him every day that she was in the hospital when this happened.

They tried many different ways to get her heart rate back up to normal, but it wouldn’t budge. The only possible cure for this now was a pacemaker. So we waited until Monday for her next surgery. Thankfully her pacemaker surgery went perfectly. After her surgery I sat and talked with her; it was a wonderful time. I could already tell, just 5 minutes after the surgery, that she was already feeling better. I was so relieved.

Now she’s pretty much back to normal except for some tiredness, but everything will essentially go back to normal. (Unfortunately, though she won’t be able to do any contact sports or arc welding now…lol)

I am so incredibly grateful for God’s sovereign hand in her life. Having this happen wasn’t awesome, but it taught both of us so much. It taught us to rely on Him for our strength, not on our own failing bodies. There’s so much peace in the realization that God controls every heartbeat. God is so good to His children.

Redeemed by the King

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