April Life Update

Hello Everyone! It’s now the middle of April and we are covered in snow… But that’s alright it has given me the great opportunity of thanking God no matter the circumstances. But thankfully He is bringing us some warmer weather over the next couple of weeks so hopefully I’ll be able to start my garden then.

So essentially I wanted to chat with you all about the blog. So as I continue on with the blog one of my main goals is to be consistent and that is something that I’m not doing very well at the moment… So as we continue April and into May I would like to make a written promise to you. I promise to post at least once a week. This is something that I have been striving to do since I’ve started this blog. Also I wanted to talk about changing the day that I upload. Monday’s are tough; there’s laundry, grocery shopping, and general catching up to do from the weekend. So I decided that I will now be posting on Thursdays. Often times I have a clearer schedule on Wednesdays which will really help with my consistency.

So thank you for sticking through even when I don’t post for a month and then change things up on you. For the rest of April and May I promise to post every Thursday. Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for some new content and maybe even a  new contributor!

See you this Thursday

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