Why “Dating Around” is Not Your Best Option

I would like first to say that I am writing from a very humble point. My goal in this post is not for you to feel judged or hurt, but to simply see the value in purity.

I went to a Christian school and I remember very vividly my freshman girl’s Bible class. I remember one day we were talking about this subject, about ‘dating around’ and one girl asked, “If I don’t date around how am I supposed to know what I like?” She was being completely serious and I think about this to this day. At the time it didn’t even cross her mind that the Bible shows us what a good man should be like! But that’s not the point of this post.

I believe first before I start that it would be a good idea to define ‘dating around’

“Flirt to Convert”: bad idea

End: there is hope. New creatures in Christ


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