Hello, everyone, I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season so far! Christmas is just around the corner and let's just say I can't wait. Personally, this time of year is one of my favorite seasons, but I know it's easy for me to also get stressed this time of year. For me, [...]

Let's start with the definition of the word praise, that seems like a good place to start. Praise is the commendation bestowed on a person for his personal virtues or worthy actions. To see examples of this we simply have to look to the scriptures. Deuteronomy 10:21 describes this perfectly, "Praise Him--He is your God, [...]

Halloween has been a tradition in my family since the day I was born, but I know many Christian families who have decided to not celebrate it. So what, as Christian's wives and mothers, should we do? I found a great article that really gave some good insight into this Christian liberty. I'll link to [...]

Sitting by this lake I am in awe of the majesty and wonder of our God. His beauty and gentle care are so evident through the sunset and all nature around me. Thinking about all my worries and stresses; they all seem incredibly trivial. I relish these moments when I am able to fully and [...]

I wasn't planning on writing anything about the solar eclipse today because so many people are talking about it, but after seeing the total solar eclipse I thought I just have to share my feelings. Since my husband and I live in Nebraska we were incredibly blessed to see the full solar eclipse for about [...]